Rugby Ball Neon Flex - Size 3- Ultimate Rugby Balls By Simon Shaw


by Simon Shaw Rugby

£8.99 £14.99

The SIZE 3 NEON FLEX RUGBY BALL is the ultimate all-round Training Ball for Rugby. Suitable in all weathers and for all levels of play. The NEON FLEX combines greater kicking distance with precision handling to maximise your potential right across the playing field.

Exceptional Practise and Training Ball - Superb grade RUGBY BALL with a blended natural and synthetic rubber technology - Great for general Rugby Pitch Training and casual practise kicks and throws for future Rugby Heroes aged 15 and under

Fully Engineered and Tested by the Great Player Himself - The texturised surface gives greater Feel and Touch than any other Rugby Ball at this Price - The Superior Double layered polyester backing and Strong thread with machine stitched finish Enables this Rugby Ball to be Durable and withstand even the Toughest Practising regime

Be the ENVY on the pitch with the Unique Roots Styling inspired by Simons Youth in the Sport.

Built to Last - Designed with Durability in mind OUR Rugby balls are always ready for the most competitive player whatever your level.